The Mission

To create thoughtfully designed backpacks which connect our customers to the community through social good. For every bag purchased, a bag is given to a community member in need.

The Vision

Providing backpacks which create social good and connect people to their community.


Our Story


Givway & Co. was founded at the end of May 2014, by Lindley Kenny, Michelle Robinson, Chantal Tshimanga and Madeleine Neiman. Our team came together through the Queen's University Summer Innovation Initiative, a program which acts as a catalyst to advance innovation and entrepreneurship.

We all share a similar passion for social innovation. We want to be a part of the business of giving: sustaining an enterprise that provides a social benefit to the community. We want to benefit the community by:

1. Providing backpacks to our customers and those in need.

2. Using our backpacks to connect people to the positive changes they are making in the community.

3. Acting locally. By doing so we can do a better job of making sure our work is benefiting the community, by having a close connection with all of our partners. We love LOCAL.

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Lots of love!

Madeleine, Chantal, Lindley & Michelle


The Team

Lindley Kenny

Director of Product Design

4th year Mining Engineering

Hometown: Kingston, ON

Lindley is a part of the Queen's Science Formal Committee, Queen's Engineering's longest-standing tradition. She is also an executive member of the Queen's Concrete Toboggan Engineering Design Team.

Madeleine Neiman

Director of Finance & Marketing

4th year Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Madeleine is passionate about the environment and is on committees through Queen's University supporting sustainable initiatives and design. She has also done a lot of traveling including spending a year on exchange in Brazil.

Michelle Robinson

Director of Outreach

4th year Nursing Science

Hometown: Kingston, ON

Michelle is a volunteer coach for two local cheerleading teams, including a team for athletes with special needs. Michelle is interested in pursuing innovation in healthcare settings to optimize the model of population health.  

Chantal Tshimanga

Director of Procurement

BA (Hons.) Sociology, History minor

Hometown: Vancouver, B.C.

Chantal volunteers as a manager at Queen's Peer Support Centre. Chantal is also passionate about music and has been an avid musician for over 15 years. She has sung in a variety of shows and was a contestant on Canadian Idol.