Here are some common Q&A's about our backpacks:

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Q: Why sell & donate backpacks?

A: Our mission at Givway & Co. is to benefit our customers and our community. Before we began this initiative, we contacted many local organizations and compiled a list of items that are in need. A consistent need from all these organizations was backpacks! 


Q: Why do people need backpacks?

A: Backpacks are a significant benefit to people experiencing homeless, because they provide a means of carrying the majority of their belongings. Oftentimes there are issues with belongings getting left behind, lost, or stolen, when people do not have consistent housing. The turnover rate for a backpack is much higher when people are using it for a large quanity of their belongings, and so there is a consistent need.


Q: What does the design on the backpack flap represent?

A: The artwork printed on the backpack was designed by a local Kingston artist and represents the items that a person experiencing homelessness may be carrying in their partner backpack. It promotes social awareness and reminds us how useful a backpack is for someone in need.

Q: What is a partner backpack?

A: A partner backpack is the backpack that will be donated to someone in need when you purchase your Givway & Co backpack.

Q: How are the backpacks made?

A: The backpacks are handmade locally right here in Kingston. We are making our first backpacks ourselves & with local sewing contractors. Keep checking back, we are working on an exciting partnership for large scale manufacturing.
 The partner backpacks are manufactured separately.

Q: Who gets a partner backpack (how do you donate it)?

A: Our partner backpacks are donated through local organizations in our community. We are currently partnered with Dawn House, and Kingston Youth Shelter, where our partner backpacks will be given to those in need. We plan to donate through many different organizations as our company grows. 

Q: An organization I'm involved with would like to distribute the partner backpacks to people in need.

A: That's fantastic! Send us a message here, we would love to hear from you.

Q: Why is your logo a snail?

A: Snails carry their entire lives on their backs, just like we do with backpacks! 

Q: How can I get involved in this initiative?

A: We are always looking for other people interested in social innovation to help with this initiative. Some of the ways you can help our company are by sharing our website with a friend, checking us out on social media sites, and giving us great word of mouth. Feel free to send us a message if you'd like to talk more here!

You can also help people in your community by contacting local shelters to volunteer your time or  donate items. Click here to learn more about homelessness and how you can help.