Canada is not taking its goal of ending homelessness seriously

Guest blogger Kyle Pakeman argues a common sentiment about governments and the issue of homelessness. Governments are reactive, only catering to 'supply and demand' when it comes to social services and realistic solutions for this vulnerable population. Pakeman eludes to the need of being proactive and realizing that social policy has a domino effect; poor and unclear goals lead to substandard execution of objectives. He asks 'what does it really mean to end homelessness?'

Pakeman is currently a Master of Planning Candidate (2016) at Queen’s University. With a background in Sociology and a keen interest in the determinants of social justice, Kyle looks to specialize in social and health planning. He wishes to complete a thesis which will investigate how many cities in Canada have been, and continue to be designed in a manner that perpetuates socio-economic inequalities. You can find more of his work here:

Photo credit: Collin Rodefer

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